Pre-Game Cookout – Game Two -SC State

Join the Aggies For Christ for a tailgate cookout at Spence Park before the game.  There will be lots of food (fajitas) and much needed hydration.  Invite family, friends and any South Carolina State fans you might see that would benefit from some Aggie hospitality before kickoff.  We’ll start at 3:30 PM and finish up by 5:30 PM so everyone can get to the game.   Gig ‘em!



Here is a map of where the AFC tents are located.

Weekend Trips – Headed Out Today

AFC Weekend Trips are a great way to get connected with others and have fun while serving others to God’s glory.  This weekend there are two trips going out to work with youth groups:

Liberty (David Pollard)                             Nederland (Weston Jacobs)

Contact the trip leaders above to get more information or to sign up for the trip.  Weekend trips leave College Station on Friday and return early Sunday afternoon.  There is not cost to go on these ministry trips as transportation, housing and food are provided.

New Student Welcome Retreat – SOAR!

“My favorite part of SOAR is…”

Student Orientation And Retreat
August 22-24

Register for SOAR HERE!

CALLING ALL NEW FRESHMAN AND TRANSFER STUDENTS STUDYING AT TEXAS A&M AND BLINN BEGINNING SUMMER AND FALL OF 2012!  We want to welcome you to Aggieland and especially to the Aggies For Christ.  SOAR is the AFC’s new student welcome retreat designed for you to get connected with an active and exciting community of shared faith.

SOAR is a great way to start the semester…meeting new friends who share your faith commitment, focusing on setting your priorities before classes start, getting away from the rush of moving in, and having fun out at Messiah’s Ranch.  The upperclassmen plan and prepare for these 3-4 days of adventure with your best interest in mind.

Register for SOAR HERE!

Registrations have begun and the first person to register for SOAR was Andrew Smith from Sugarland, TX!  He will receive a free AFC flash drive!   There is still time to win more free stuff!   Prizes will also be given to the 12th (in honor of the 12th Man), 16th (in honor of the Class of ’16), 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th and 50th people to register for SOAR.

Registration prizes:

Registered 1st:      Andrew Smith (Sugarland, TX)
Registered 12th:    Katie Minix (Ovilla, TX)
Registered 16th:    Maggie White (San Antonio, TX)
Registered 20th:    Taz Harrell (Tyler, TX)
Registered 25th:    Jared Rice (Smithville, TX)
Registered 30th:    Paxton Kelley (Sweetwater, TX)
Registered 35th:    Amanda Jordan (McKinney, TX)
Registered 50th:    Cody Kyle (Garrison, TX)

Check back regularly for more information or contact Paige in the church office 979-693-0400 for any questions.  Remember that those “who hope in the Lord will renew their strength!” (Isaiah 40:30)